Naruto Manga Collection — What is it About?

The plot tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and aspires to become a Hokage, the ninja in his village who is acknowledged as the leader and the strongest of all.

The manga was first published by Shueisha in 1999 in the 43rd issue of Japan’s Weekly Sh?nen Jump magazine. Currently, the manga is still being serialized; fifty-one tank?bon volumes have been released so far. Naruto has become VIZ Media’s best-selling manga series. The first series lasted 220 episodes, while Naruto: Shippuden, a sequel to the original series, has been airing since February 15, 2007. The series is at a total of 532 chapters, with new chapters being released weekly in Weekly Shonen Jump.

The Plot

Naruto maintains a balance between drama and comedy, with plenty of action interspersed. Twelve years before the start of the series, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox attacked the hidden village Konohagakure, destroying it and slaughtering many people. In response, the leader of Konohagakure and its ninja military – the Fourth Hokage – sacrificed his life to seal the demon inside Naruto. A decree made by the former Kage, the Third Hokage, who replaced the Fourth Hokage after his death, forbade anyone mention the attack of the demon fox to anyone else. This included Naruto, who was not aware of the demon inside of him.

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Like all the ninja teams from every village, Team 7 is charged with completing missions requested by villagers, such as doing chores or being bodyguards. Naruto places strong emphasis on character development. Almost all outcomes are a result of decisions, character, and personality; very few things happen just because of chance. He excels in physical stamina and skills for most of the series, his only real competition in that area being Naruto himself. There is also a spinoff to the series focusing on the character of Rock Lee, which began publication in Super Strong Jump in December 2010.

Character names often borrow from Japanese mythology, folklore and literature, or are otherwise elaborate puns; often there is a noticeable influence of the story behind the name shouldered by the character.


Everything You Need to Know About Bleach

Bleach is about the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki, a fifteen-year old who can see ghosts. It was first published in 2001, in Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jump. The first tankobon volume was released on January 5, 2002. Currently, 48 tankobon volumes have been released, as well as two supplementary volumes: Souls, detailing the events and characters relating to the Soul Society Arc, and Masked, relating to the events and characters in the Arrancar Arc.

A fifteen year old with the power to see spirits. He gains his Shinigami powers from Rukia Kuchiki, after requiring them to save his family, and becomes a Substitute Shinigami whilst she attempts to recover her powers. When Rukia is severely wounded defending Ichigo from the Hollow, she attempts to transfer half of her reiatsu energy to Ichigo so that he can defeat the Hollow. However, Ichigo takes almost all of her energy, transforming into a Soul Reaper and allowing him to defeat the Hollow with ease. As the series progresses, Ichigo becomes stronger and stronger, gaining new powers and abilities along the way. He makes use of the Zanpakuto Zangetsu.

It is revealed that Rukia’s execution and Ichigo’s rescue attempt both had been manipulated by a high-ranking Soul Reaper, S?suke Aizen, who was previously believed to have been murdered, as part of a far-reaching plot to take control of the Soul Society. Once at the Soul Society, Ichigo and company battle against the elites of the Soul Reaper military and strive to reach Rukia before her execution. Rukia is quite serious, although she is a very good actress, being able to fool many of Ichigo’s classmates. She’s also fond of rabbits. She makes use of the Zanpakuto Sode-no-Shirayuki.

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The original story concept was submitted to Weekly Sh?nen Jump shortly after the cancellation of Tite Kubo’s previous manga, Zombiepowder, but was rejected. Early plans for the story did not include the hierarchical structure of the Soul Society, but did include some characters and elements that were not introduced into the plot until the Arrancar arc The distributing company Viz Media has been releasing the Bleach manga volumes in English in the United States. On August 5, 2008, the company released a hardcover “collector’s edition” of the first volume that came with a dust jacket, followed by a box set that was released on September 2, 2008, containing the first 21 volumes, a poster, and a booklet about the series.

Third Participant of the Straw Hat Pirates — Nami

Nami is a young, normal-sized and skinny girl. She has the ability to recognize and analyze even the slightest changes in the weather. She set out to fulfill her dream to make a map of the world. In response to her meddling with the World Government’s affairs, Nami’s bounty is initially set at 16,000,000 Berries. At the beginning of the series, Nami despised all pirates. She viewed them as nothing but bad people after losing someone close to her, only changing her mind after she met Luffy. Her personality started as a loaner and a thief who only stole from pirates, and her hatred toward pirates bordered on the extreme. Throughout most of the series up to the Alabasta arc, Nami was not as skilled in combat as most of her crew; she does not have superhuman strength, nor does she have formal training in any fighting style, although she was shown in the Water 7 arc to have decent agility, being able to jump over a gate and between rooftops. Nami was one of the original characters that appeared in every version of the One Piece series as Oda was developing the manga. She takes control of the amount of money the crew spends, ever aware of the crews spending habits (such as Luffy’s desire to spend all they have on meat) and tries her hardest to avoid it getting spent all at once. Nami is very bossy and is usually ordering everyone around, including Luffy, despite not being the captain herself. The upcoming chapter to release is One Piece 639. After the two year time-skip, Nami is shown to have increased greatly in both her usage of the Clima-tact, as well as her physical aspects. She can be devilish at times and won’t think twice about ditching the others to save her own life. While reviewing the eighth DVD from Viz Media, Activeanime mentioned Nami is one of the best characters from the series as “She’s got guts, smarts, and can heft a mean punch when needed”. In the anime, Nami is introduced in the series as early as Episode 1. She appears on the ship Alvida attacks and while Alvida’s men are raiding the passenger ship she was on, Nami snuck on board to steal her treasure.

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